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December 6th, 2017 by

We recently ran across a review of the 2018 BMW i3 that was posted by an expert from Kelley Blue Book's, and we couldn't help but share some of the highlights with you. The reviewer was taken with the electric vehicle's sporty, unconventional styling and state-of-the-art technology, going so far as to state that the i3 has successfully separated itself from the pack.

The vehicle's electric motor receives power from a lithium-ion battery, offering an electric-only driving range of 114 miles. You can add another 66 miles of range by adding an available range extender, which consists of a two-cylinder gas engine that serves only as generator.

The i3 comes in three "worlds," as BMW calls them: Mega, Giga and Tera. The expert noted that the base Mega is well-equipped, offering a navigation system, BMW ConnectedDrive, heated seats, a DC fast-charging port, LED headlights and 19-inch wheels. Giga and Tera trim levels add leather appointments and larger wheels, depending on the trim.

Overall, the expert noted that the i3 delivers an entertaining, engaging driving experience. He was quite impressed with the fact that torque is delivered all at once and, since there's no mechanical transmission to bog things down with gear changes, the i3 delivers a burst of immediate, slingshot-like acceleration.

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